I’m an Ohio country boy who joined the Army infantry to escape farm work. I admit, it wasn’t a well thought out plan.  I eventually became a police officer, starting out part-time in Jamestown, Ohio. I moved on to the City of St. Bernard, which is surrounded by Cincinnati, and finally retired from Huber Heights.

I served as a patrol officer, detective, field training officer, crime scene investigator, school resource officer, and still train the next generation from time to time in the police academy.

Who is R.H. Neil?

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. ~Proverbs 3:27

I live on the same farm in southwestern Ohio that I ran away from, with my wife Gloria. We have two children, both of which graduated from The Ohio State University. Our daughter, Nadia, is a behavioral therapist for children in Columbus, Ohio. She was my first and most critical editor for Becoming The Wolf. Our son, Richard Jr., is a police officer in San Antonio, Texas. He is about to marry up to the Army nurse in the photo to his left, Devon.

I was forced to retire from law enforcement after a police injury left me with four neurostimulator implants in my back, which inspired the use of the adrenal implants in the novel. My implants are nowhere near as cool. More like tasers in the spinal cord, kind of thing.

If nothing is falling apart  on our farmhouse (which was built in 1814-so something is always falling apart) I spend most my spare time locked away in my Narnia room, writing about The White Wolf.



And yes, that’s the same woman next to me in all three photos. Gloria’s hair has changed color every few months since we’ve been married. It’s like magic. But she’s lovely in any shade.

R.H. Neil Author of Becoming The Wolf